REVIEWS Website: Via a new campaign called Nation First, Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger is attempting to refocus the GOP’s goals away from Former President Trump. He’s asking his Republican peers to consider the party’s ideals and honesty, and he needs politicians to stand up for what they believe in. Kinzinger is one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, accusing him of orchestrating the protests in the Capitol. Website Website

Kinzinger reported on Sunday’s “Meet The Press” that his friends and family have turned against him because of his vote. He stands by his word, believing that President Joe Biden’s leadership is a landmark moment for the nation and, more specifically, conservatives. Website Website

“Now is the time to decide who we will be, and my intention in launching with the number one is simply to say, look, let’s look back at the last four years. How far we’ve come in a negative direction. How backward-looking we are, and how much darkness and discord we foster. That’s not the party I ever registered with, and I doubt most Republicans did either.” Kinzinger remarked. Website Website Website

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