David Morris Clydach Documentary

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David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

David Morris Clydach Documentary:- The man’s family, guilty of the horrendous Clydach killings, told The Mirror about their fight to clear his reputation. South Wales Police said they talked to the two individuals and sought guidance from the Crown prosecutor’s office, which stated that no information about Morris’ conviction was made known.

David Morris, 59, murdered Mandy Power, 34 years old, her mother Doris Dawson’s bed-ridden, 80 years old, and her children Katie, ten years old. Before your home was set on fire, all four had been stunned to death with a stick. The former builder, who was convicted of his assassinations in 2006 for the second time, was imprisoned for at least 32 years.

David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

The Court of Appeal reversed a previous conviction to have a second trial.

A spokesperson for prisons confirmed that Morris died in Worcestershire at the HMP Long Lartin, where he served a term of his life.

David Morris died on August 20 of HM P Long Lartin prisoner. It was reported to the Prison and Probation Ombudsman,” she added.

The BBC Wales Investigates show questioned the safety of the conviction last year, which was the subject of Morris’ innocence long ago.

The interviews included two possible witnesses—one claimed he had never talked to the policemen, and one said he phoned the police to report what he saw.

“The South Wales Police launched an investigation into the particular area of David Morris’ legal representation, in January 2021,,” stated a spokesperson of the South Wales police.

“Probably new witnesses discovered in the case’s BBC Wales Investigations agenda also followed up this paper.

“Detectives talked to both witnesses as part of their investigation, and the Crown Prosecution Service indicated that no information on David Morris’ conviction was given.

David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

‘A senior investigating officer, deputy, and forensic investigator for the Devon and Cornwall Police are currently conducting an investigation review that takes account of forensic problems that have been highlighted in the BBC program.

“While our effort continues, our thoughts stay with and recognise the tremendous effect it has on families and impacted by this case.”

Morris was arrested because the finger of suspicion misrepresented Alison Lewis, Ms. Power’s girlfriend.

Former South Wales Police Officer Miss Lewis and her ex-husband Stephen were arrested on suspicion of assassination one year after their death.

Brother Stuart of Mr. Lewis, also a policeman, was detained because of suspicion of perverting the courtship. All of them have been freed without charge.

The Clydach probe was the biggest and most complicated assassination investigation conducted by a Welsh police agency.

David Morris, 57, is now behind bars for murdering mummy Mandy Power, 34, 80-year-old mummy Doris, and the two young daughters, Emily, 10, eight, Katie, who horrified the country in 1999 in the quiet suburban street of Clydach, South Wales.

Initially believed to be a fatal home fire investigation, the whole tragedy of the sight before them quickly became apparent.

It became out that the family had been killed with a metal rod and had been burning in a fire to apparently cover up the odd crime.

Initially, in an incredible triangle of love, one former and two South Wales Police officers were accused but never prosecuted, and the local worker David Morris subsequently was detained.

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