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Https // Fire Tv
Https // Fire Tv

Https // Fire Tv – We collaborate with equipment manufacturers to make the Xfinity Stream app available on compatible Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TVs, Roku, and other Partner Devices. The Xfinity Stream app provides access to live broadcast channels, linear cable channels, cloud recordings, and on-demand television, all without the need to rent an Xfinity TV Box from us.

You must have both Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet.
Nota bene: LG, Roku, and Samsung devices are not capable of streaming live and on-demand content until Xfinity Internet and TV services are installed and enabled. You may use the Xfinity Stream Beta app on Amazon Fire TV devices prior to installing and activating Xfinity Internet and TV subscriptions. Observe Now: For additional information, see Enjoy Your Xfinity TV Service with Xfinity Stream Ahead of Installation.

Https // Fire Tv
Https // Fire Tv

All Internet speed levels are eligible for this promotion.
You’ll need to rent a Wireless Gateway from Xfinity or purchase a retail modem approved for usage on the Comcast network. For additional information on compatible equipment, please visit
If you have two or more Xfinity accounts that are connected, see How to Link, Unlink, and Switch Between Multiple Accounts for information on how to select the correct default/primary account.

Https // Fire Tv

Is the Xfinity Stream app for Partner Devices same to the Xfinity X1 app?

  • No. Xfinity Stream for Partner Devices does not yet provide the following features:
  • Utilize your Xfinity Voice Remote to control.
  • Rentals of movies and television shows are available via Xfinity On Demand (Available on Roku; not available on Amazon, LG or Samsung Smart TVs).
  • Rentals of Pay Per View events.
  • On X1, you’ll find Xfinity applications like Voicemail, xFi, and My Account, as well as features like the Sports companion experience.
  • Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix are all examples of apps and streaming services. These applications may be accessed through the Partner Device’s platform.
Https // Fire Tv
Https // Fire Tv

Additional features and functionality, as well as enhanced stability and efficiency, will be included in future versions of the program. When you use the “beta” app, you will not be charged for “extra outlets.” Pricing is subject to change in the future.

Please keep in mind that Xfinity X1 is the optimal method to view Xfinity TV, and not all X1 capabilities are accessible while using a Partner Device.

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