Rosytime review

Rosytime review

Rosytime review

Rosytime review: A natural botanical blend of antioxidants composed of nutrient-rich whole plant foods. They’re Cranberry, Rose, Cactus, Plum Acerola. Cranberry. The best way to consume plants that are rich in antioxidants including seeds of cacti, acerolas, carob, and roses is because it strengthens the ability of your own body to provide collagen.

Day after day, RosyTime helps stimulate the development of natural collagen in our body, so that the skin is firm and flexible. It also helps protect our eyes while avoiding the aging of our internal organs and prevents osteoporosis.

Rosytime review
Rosytime review

IT WORKS for everyone

For Women

Reduce dark spots and whitening to let our skin glow naturally and improve skin elasticity
Anti-aging and stop organ problem
Women who are having imbalanced diets, like not enough fruits and vegetables
Pregnant women, lactating women, and ladies who take contraceptives pills regularly
People who are Anemia
Bleeding gingival problem
Hormone imbalance

For Children

Prevent colds
Help the absorption of vitamin B12 and iron
Ideal for child development

Rosytime review
Rosytime review

For Men

People who always intake high fats, high calorie and high cholesterol food
Prevent ageing of organs
Improve body energy and physical strength
Enhance body resistance

For Elderly

Prevent organ ageing
Protect eyes and joints
Reduce the danger of cancer
Get old elegantly and healthily

Safety Standard & Quality Assurance

This product doesn’t contain any lactose, milk or dairy products.
This product doesn’t contain preservatives.
This product has been tested for heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics.
This products use an honest manufacturing practices (GMP) certifies facility.

Serving suggestion:

60ml per day. Each 30ml within the morning and evening/night.
Refrigerate after opening.
No limits of consumption, ROSYTIME made up of all natural ingredients, no preservatives or other chemical additives, drink more gets better result. Suitable for everyone! Consult doctor if you’ve got special case.

Rosytime review

Other serving references:

Bad menstrual cramps, least 100ml per day
To improve sensitive skin least 100ml per day
To get pregnant, 120ml per day

Recovery of flu : 30 ml whenever repeat every 3 hours as necessary
Skin Rejuvenation 3 months Program :
1st month : 50 ml whenever twice daily (3 boxes/month)

2nd month : 30ml whenever twice daily (2 boxes/month)
3rd month : 30 ml just one occasion daily and there after monthly (1 box/month)
Maintain good antioxidant health : 30 ml just one occasion daily (1 box/month)

Rosytime review
Rosytime review